Creative Flow

Keep Creative Growth Artists’ Creativity Flowing for just $7 a Month!

12 gifts in 12 months.

$7 a month. $84 a year.

What does $7 mean to you?

A couple artisan cups of coffee or your current Hulu subscription?

By pledging just $7 a month, you can directly ensure we keep the creativity of our artists flowing sustainably throughout the year. 

Make your pledge before October 31st and enjoy a special gift from us!

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$7 a month can fund:

  • 3 paint markers for Dan Miller’s large-scale masterpieces
  • 1,000 beads and sequins for Monica Valentine’s incredible beaded sculptures
  • A one-way fare for Donald Mitchell to attend classes
  • 1 bag of clay for Cedric Johnson’s ceramic mask sculptures
  • Lunches and snacks for artists who don’t have their own
  • 1 jar of printing ink for Juan Aguilera’s beautiful flower prints
  • 1 artist’s round-trip fare for a field trip to SFMoMA
  • 3 spools of yarn for Paulino Martin’s textile creations

At Creative Growth, we work year-round to provide our artists with the tools and exposure they need to thrive in today’s contemporary art world and explore the far reaches of creative expression. You can help us continue our legacy by signing up today!

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