Creative Growth Artists Featured | Levi Strauss & Co. Collaboration

We’ve teamed up with Levi Strauss & Co. to create one-of-a-kind customized items from the artists at Creative Growth. The items, ranging from Levi’s® tote bags to baseball caps and even denim aprons, were worked on by the following artists:

Juan Aguilera
Joseph Alef
Francisco Andrade
Casey Byrnes
Lauren Dare
Sher-ron Freeman
Rosa Giron
Peggy Gomez-Guardado
Stephanie Hill
Jane Kassner
Allan Lofberg
John Martin
Annika Miller
Latefa Noorzai
Lulu Sotelo
Tanisha Warren

*Levi’s® Logo Artwork by Ray Vickers

These items, in turn, are being auctioned off at a private event at the company’s global headquarters. Each employee will have the chance to bid on the beautifully unique items for a chance to take one home. Levi’s® roots itself in the values of giving back and engaging with the local community; what better way than with the artists of Creative Growth.

Juan Aguilera Apron

Juan Aguilera Apron