Creative Growth + method and Cheeky | Limited Edition Home Products at Target

Creative Growth is thrilled to partner with Method and Cheeky in the creation of limited edition collections of their home products. Method’s line of hand washes and home cleaning products is inspired by the work of four Creative Growth artists: Maureen ClayAllan Lofberg, Aurie Ramirez, and Barry Regan. The collection features the artists’ work paired with four limited edition method fragrances to showcase how art can enrich everyday life. Cheeky’s paper cups and plates are designed with work by Aurie Ramirez, Regina Broussard, and Susan Janow. Both collections are available exclusively at Target stores nationwide and are dedicated to empowering artists and designing for good.

“Creative Growth’s powerful work inspired us to tap into method’s design legacy for a collection that is a reflection of our mission,” said Doug Piwinski, CMO of People Against Dirty. “Because sometimes the idea can be simple: by empowering artists, you can uplift communities and create a better world.”

In the words of Creative Growth Director, Tom di Maria: “Our mission is to understand how everyone is a part of the creative community. Our partnership[s] are about valuing how our artists can be seen as contemporary designers, and how their art can enrich the everyday experience of people.”

Maureen Clay, Allan Lofberg, Aurie Ramirez, and Barry Regan with the method products inspired by their work

More about the limited edition collections can be found at method and at Cheeky or by following method and Cheeky on Facebook @methodhome and @cheeky or Instagram @methodhome and @cheeky_home.