Visiting Artist Workshop

Hello, and thanks for considering the Creative Growth Visiting Artist Workshop program.

Before submitting a workshop proposal, we request that you schedule a tour of our Oakland studio or attend one of our monthly volunteer tours. Visiting the Studio will serve in the understanding of what is possible to undertake within our facility, Creative Growth’s diverse classes and media, and most importantly a visit will give you a chance to meet our staff and artists. Please contact: [email protected] to schedule a tour.

Visiting Artist Workshops can be from two, to five days in duration, working with 8-10 Creative Growth artists and the assistance of one lead teacher. Workshops will be scheduled through late fall. All visiting artists receive a $300 stipend plus $100 for materials, please consider this when scheduling your workshop.

Submit your proposal with any schedule preference along with artist statement, bio and your response to the questions below to:
Becki Couch-Alvarado
[email protected]

Please copy and paste the questions/answers into a Word document and send as an email attachment with your proposal.

1. Explain your interest in becoming a Visiting Artist at Creative Growth Art Center, what led you to this opportunity?

2. Please share previous experience you have in a  facilitator/student environment.

3. Do you have previous experience working with people with disabilities?

4. Write a detailed description of the project you are considering, include a time line (concept presentation through project completion), list of materials, the number of participants possible, and the level of assistance you would require from Creative Growth staff.

5. Discuss the process and/or technique the project would involve. Do you plan to introduce a specific process or technique to the artists?

6. Describe how you envision the outcome of the project. Is there a final product? Is this a process-based project?

7. Describe how your project would benefit the Creative Growth artists.

8. What do you hope to gain from the experience of being a Visiting Artist at Creative Growth?

9. Anything else you would like for us to know?


Photo above: Peter Salsman with visiting artist Brandy Godsil, SAORI Arts NYC